What We Believe

We Are Fundamental

We are fundamental Christians, holding to Bible-based historic Baptist doctrine. This means that we hold to the fundamentals of the Faith and we reject modernism.

What are the fundamentals? Usually when this question is asked, we point to The Fundamentals, edit by R.A. Torrey and published in 1909. Faced with the escalating trend of modernism in churches in the 19th century — even the denial of basic Christian doctrines — a group of Christians put together a twelve-volume set of books expounding what they believed to be the fundamentals of the Faith. This work was edited by R.A. Torrey and contributed to by H.A. Ironsides, C.I. Scofield, and others.

Our articles of faith are simple, Biblically-grounded, as follows:

  1. Our God is One God, eternal, perfect in holiness and Creator of all.
  2. Jesus is God’s Word made flesh, that He is equal with God, was born of the Virgin Mary, rose bodily from the grave and is coming again.
  3. The Holy Spirit is equal with God the Father and God the Son, that He dwells within believers and empowers believers for service.
  4. The Bible is God’s inspired Word, without error, and is to be our rule of faith, and that as originally given was inspired word for word.
  5. Salvation is by faith alone, not by any works, and that one who believes is eternally secure.

We believe that without these fundamental doctrines, an individual or church cannot call themselves “Christian” with any Biblical basis.


We Use the King James Version of the Bible

The importance of this is too often overlooked. We believe that any honest examination of textual history will affirm the King James Version of the Bible as the version that legitimately represents the original manuscripts. Modern versions come from a corrupted manuscript family and have often been written by non-Christians in the pursuit of money and fame.


We Are Independent

We follow the Biblical model for churches by being independent of any and all denominational control, influence, and affiliation. Our Church is a fellowship of like-minded Christians, and we answer to God in our spiritual affairs and Church governance — not to any temporal authority.


We are Baptist

We teach and preach Bible-based, historic Baptist Doctrine — “the Old-Time Religion”.